Performance Line Group

Welcome to Performance Line Group. We specialize in making the highest quality and performance products for the best price possible. We currently have two lines of products.

Performance Line Carbon

- Rear Diffusers

- Spoilers

- Lips / Mirror Covers

- Front Splitters

Performance Line Exhaust

- Downpipes

We will be adding new products often to expand our lines so check back here or with any of the vendors that carry our products. If you would like to carry our product line please contact us and we can set up an account for you. We do not sell to the public so if you are interested in making a purchase please contact one of the vendors listed on our Where to Buy page.

Performance Line Carbon

Our Performance Line Carbon products are made to enhance the look of your car. These simple to install additions are made with real carbon fibre and have OEM quality fitment. They offer a tru carbon fibre look at a fraction of the OEM cost but maintain factory fitment. Check out some pictures and examples in our Products page!

Performance Line Exhaust

Our Exhaust Line has been carefully created to optimize perofmrance and ensure the highest quality. We use the highest grade stainless steel and highest quality welding to ensure the product looks good and most imortantly lasts the lifetime of your car. All our products come with a lifetime warranty.